BodyshaperDesign Service

As long as you are thinking about designing a corset, our design team will assist you with all the process. Each of our R&D team member has a long and strong experience in designs and can come up with ideas covering all styles of corset. At the early stage, we can provide trend templates from which you can get inspiration for the creation of your model. Our design team will take the lead then, accompanying you through all the steps.

ljvogues design

how we work

Fast Prototyping

From sketches to production, Ljvogues Sports Fashion  sets up a team consists of professional corset experts who totally dedicated to customer’s satisfaction. Focusing on creativity and production innovation, Ljvogues Sports Fashion  uses CAD prototyping machinery as well as 3D printing equipment if needed. This can allow our product development team to create a corest and some waist trainer accessories in volume before going to any type of  Manufacturing  . By leveraging this know-how, our design team has the capability of correcting any details at low cost, and produce CAD prototypes within 7days.